I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.  It’s taken me a long time to weed through the black and white polarities pervading my judgments, to find the grey.  Its always been “Its either perfect, or it’s a failure”.  Fortunately, someone pointed out to me that this ideation left me always in a heap of defeat, since, they said… “there is no such thing as perfection, therefore, in this thinking everything is always all wrong.” I then timidly entered, for the first time, into the world of grey… where things can be okay the way that they are, however imperfect I might have once judged them to be.

designer Paul Cocksedge's "Poised" Table

designer Paul Cocksedge’s “Poised” Table

In design, I often see symmetry- in perfectly spaced architectural elements, or evenly placed furnishings, and I have to ask myself: “is this necessary?”  Balance, when viewed not as the art of perfection, but as an opportunity to welcome a little bit of distortion, can make all the difference in creating a life space worth living in.





What is Greenwashing?

Marketers have glommed onto the market interest in environmentally responsible products.  What you may not know is that there are several loopholes in the law that allows companies to make claims eluding to a sustainable value, when in fact the claim is unfounded and misleading.  A great example of this, is the use of the phrase “all natural”, which requires no real evidence and has no actual definition.  Meaning marketers can slap that onto a product just because they can.

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